Fall Of The Mountain King Kickstarter Edition


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Number of Players: 1-5

Playing Time: 60-90 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 8+

Fall of the Mountain King (Kickstarter Edition) is an EXCLUSIVE edition and will include the following additional content and deluxe components:

  • River of Fire Mini-Expansion*
  • Notorious Gnomes Mini-Expansion*
  • Copper-foiled box cover
  • 125 Troll miniatures in 5 different player colours
  • 25 Champion miniatures in 5 different player colours
  • 30 Gnome miniatures
  • 1 Swarm miniature
  • Custom moulded GameTrayz inserts with individual player trays
  • Warhammer miniature First Player marker
  • 65 wooden Influence markers shaped like hands
  • 5 wooden Supply barrels
  • Shiny gold-foiled Elder cards
  • Shiny silver-foiled Great Halls tokens
  • Dual-layered Clan boards
  • Custom wooden Gnome Wheel pawn with screen-printed "Evil eyes"
  • Custom-printed wooden Troll Skull score markers
  • 150 wooden custom-shaped Ancestry cubes

The River of Fire expansion is another Kickstarter exclusive.

"Desperate for a weapon to drive off the Gnomes, the Trolls have breached the volcanic crater at the mountain's heart, allowing burning lava to flow out. As the game goes on, you'll try to divert the river of fire to overwhelm the Gnomes, confound your rivals, and draw strength from its intense power. But be careful! Too much heat can burn even the toughest Troll, and devastate unlucky Domains!"

  • 22 Fireworker tokens
  • 10 Volcano cards
  • 25 Lava gems (acrylic)
  • Rules booklet

Notorious Gnomes is another mini-expansion that comes with this edition.

"Each notorious gnome causes new headaches for you and offers big rewards for defeating them as well."

  • 12 Notorious Gnome cards
  • 8 Problem cards
  • 12 Notorious Gnome tokens
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